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Concrete is a great foundation for any building, but it isn’t impervious to cracks. Over time, shifting soil, settling land, or even just plain old erosion can cause concrete to warp, bow, or crack. While these cracks may not seem like much, they can grow over time and they will inhibit you from installing a floor coating system such as epoxy or polyaspartic coatings. At Twin Coating Supplies, we offer concrete repair systems that help you patch these cracks, stop them from spreading, and enable you to install the concrete floor coating of your choice.

Twin Coating Supplies takes pride in the quality of the products that we produce. Our recipes have been tested, refined, and proven to provide superior protection while also coming in at reasonable prices that won’t blow out your budget. We also offer manufacturer training so you or anyone in your working crew can utilize our products like a true professional. With our guidance and our great selection of outstanding tools, we can equip you with what you need to deliver superior results with our superior concrete repair options each and every time.

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Joint Crack & Joint Fillers from TCS

Properly repairing a concrete crack requires a product that can penetrate deep into the crack and truly fill the space properly while also chemically bonding to the two sides of the crack to hold them together. With premium joint and crack fillers from TCS, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind of knowing that your concrete slab is bonded together with a strong and long-lasting seal.

We offer both of the following:

  • TCS Joint Filler: A two-component, 100% solid, self-leveling Polyurea joint filler that is ideal for filling control joints, cracks, and small divots in concrete. The product can be driven in properly in around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the repair, and once cured it forms a fully-flexible, abrasion and chemical-resistant bond that closes gaps. This product is ideal for shallow applications and comes in three colors: black, medium-gray, and non-pigmented. 
  • TCS Crack Filler: Crack Filler is a two-component concrete repair polymer that specializes in deep cracks thanks to its ultra-low viscosity design. If you have damaged concrete, this product will penetrate way down into the bottom of your crack before curing into a solid bond that adheres your concrete slab together.

Filling and sealing cracks as soon as they appear can help you protect your foundation from further damage and even help you avoid the potential for some serious repairs further down the line. Once your concrete has been properly bonded and sealed, you can proceed with applying any of our floor coating products for a fine, functional finish.

For more information about our products or to schedule application training, contact Twin Coating Supplies today!


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